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Renovations in Melbourne can be as exciting as it is intimidating. Whether it’s the kitchen where your family gathers, the bathroom that serves as a personal retreat, or the overall ambiance of your home that needs a refresh, Parine Renovation is here to turn those dreams into reality. 

With over 26 years of experience in the residential renovations scene, our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering bespoke, functional, and aesthetically pleasing renovation design tailored to your lifestyle.

Don't know where to start?

Are you looking for a change because you believe your living space has yet to fulfil its true potential? Or is it because you’re feeling unhappy in your own surroundings, encouraging the desire for a renovation design? This may have added even more stress to your daily life, contributing to an already lengthy to-do list. The overthinking about the costs and the anticipated disruption might be compelling reasons that make you consider postponing the project. 

Leave all those challenges in the capable hands of Parine Renovation, freeing you from the burden of dealing with them yourself. At Parine Renovation, we work with a network of prominent tradespeople in Melbourne, provide the project management and examine every aspect, from the initial planning stages to the finishing touches of your building renovations to bring your aspirations to life at a reasonable price. 

Submit your renovations Melbourne inquiry, and let us take care of the rest. Your vision is in capable hands.

About Us

With over two decades of expertise, the Parine Renovation team is committed to materialising your renovation desires. Whatever you seek, we can deliver! we specialise in delivering a modern, functional, and cost-effective final result.

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Tailored Renovation Designs for Every Home

Bespoke Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne

Your kitchen, the heart of your home, deserves a transformation that reflects your culinary style and accommodates your family’s needs. From contemporary designs to classic aesthetics, our kitchen & building renovations experts in Melbourne craft spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Explore our Kitchen Renovations Melbourne services for a taste of what we can offer.

Elegant Bathroom Renovations Tailored to You

A bathroom renovation can turn a functional space into a sanctuary. Our team specialises in creating bathroom designs that offer both luxury and practicality. Discover how our Bathroom Renovations Melbourne services can elevate your daily routine into an experience.

Comprehensive Home Renovations for a Seamless Lifestyle

Your home is a reflection of your life’s journey. Our Home Renovations services are designed to enhance your living spaces, ensuring they adapt to your evolving needs. From small renovations Melbourne residents tend to get to major overhauls, we focus on creating harmonious spaces that resonate with your personal style.


Why Choose Parine Renovation

Timely Delivery

We respect your time, ensuring that every project is completed within the agreed timeframe.

Cost-Effective Solutions

High-quality renovations don't have to break the bank. We provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality.

Quality Craftsmanship

With a keen eye for detail, our team ensures that every aspect of your renovation is executed to perfection.

Free Design Consultations

Begin your residential renovations journey with a free home design appointment, where we bring your vision to life.

26+ Years


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Our Process

When you want to work with a team who are honest and professional, you can call on the team from Parine Renovation.


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3D Rendered

Manufacturing &

6.5 Years

We create outstanding designs for bathrooms , en-suites, kitchens, laundries and more, unique to every individual 

Enquire for a quote and begin a perfect bathroom, en-suite, kitchen, or laundry renovation

Ready to Transform Your Home?

If you’re considering a small renovations Melbourne project and looking for a team that combines expertise, creativity, and a commitment to quality, Parine Renovation is your ideal partner. Our dedication to bringing your renovation dreams to life, paired with our comprehensive services, makes us the go-to choice for Melbourne residents. 

Don’t let the thought of renovation overwhelm you. Let the experts take the reins, ensuring a seamless transformation and residential renovations of your space. Get in touch with us today to start your renovation journey and see your home transform into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Your dream home is just an inquiry away.

Ready to see your renovation dreams take shape? Contact us today for a personalised quote and let’s start crafting your ideal living space together.

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